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Purple watercolor landscape word art ketubah

Purple watercolor landscape word art ketubah

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Mazal Tov! I want your special day to be just as perfect as you do and I'm here to help.

✔First step- choose your text. Text options are via this link (you are also allowed to provide your own text). Copy and paste the url into your browser:

I work with same-sex couples to adapt any of the texts. For non-binary couples, I have a specific text. You may also bring your own text.

✔Second step- Fill out the personalization information during check-out and I will work on a draft right away.

✔Third step- check your Etsy messages right away for any questions I might have and then frequently in the next 24 hours so you can review your draft. After you approve the draft, it is shipped to you. That's it!

✔It is available in several sizes and is a wonderful piece to behold and own. Fine art print on Archival Matte paper -230 gsm, 9.5 mil: Smooth, neutral-white, matte paper for high-quality heirloom art.

✔Flowing and gentle lines are often associated with love because they suggest natural, fluid movement and a sense of harmony and balance. In design, organic lines and shapes are frequently used to evoke feelings of intimacy, warmth, and closeness, all of which are key elements of loving relationships. Additionally, the simplicity of organic flowing lines can also represent the purity and clarity of love, highlighting the idea that love is a straightforward and uncluttered emotion. Overall, organic lines and shapes are often seen as an expression of the beauty and grace of love, capturing its essence through the simplicity and elegance of their form.

✔You might want a light colored pen to sign this ketubah. White will have the most contrast, but the silver and gold are also very pretty.

Uni-ball Signo White – 3 pack

Uni-ball Signo Gold – 3 pack

Uni-ball Signo Silver – 3 pack

✔No Hebrew name or not Jewish? No problem- I work with all couples and I'm excited to help make your day as special as it can be.

✔This listing is for a ketubah print (personalization included). Please consult with your officiant before choosing the text.

✔background painting courtesy of @hanifworks via Canva's permitted use policy.

✔I suggest ordering the ketubah two months before the wedding, but I can do it in as little as two weeks. If your wedding is in less than two months, contact me to find out if you need to pay a rush fee.

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Great experience across the board!

Great experience across the board!